Hey guys, very quick blog post here discussing my situation on the blog and Drama in general.

Since DNA, I have left Performing Arts due to moving on and wanting to do something else. I am currently in my final year of IT and now thinking about going to university next year to study Film, TV and Radio and move on to the radio pathway the year after.

During that time, I have been getting myself out there and in June this year, I joined 105.9 Academy FM and now host the 3-6PM Drivetime Monday and Friday slots. I’ve been wanting to do this for so long and now I finally have experience and a somewhat successful show!

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Thanks guys! We are not dead yet! Maybe I’ll return to the stage sometime…

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It’s Been Quiet…

Posted: August 7, 2014 in Updates

Hello bloggies, it has been a while since I posted here, (sorry about that) this is because I am in the middle of the summer holidays and I forgot to give you guys my previous work on our final devising piece for year one.

Once I get back to college in September I will get adding the previous work on here so I am caught up.

Sorry again everyone! See you in September!


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DNA – Workshop Evaluation

Posted: May 16, 2014 in DNA

This was taken from my word document I have submitted. Just posting this as an end piece.

DNA Workshop Evaluation

In this project we put together the play ‘DNA’ in our own form, keeping the writers intentions of naturalistic acting and appealing to a teenage audience while adding different staging techniques, for example, projections and the use of wooden boxes to act as tree stumps. In the project we got to think about ideas to add to the production for example, lighting, stage effects and clothing.


Target Audience

The target audience for DNA is around the 13-16 year range (teenagers); this is because of the themes in the piece as it touches on the typical teenage themes like bullying, peer pressure, groups and relationships. This appeals to the target audience as these themes relate to their behaviour and how they move and act.

Future Development

The play was very simple in terms of staging as we only had logs and a projector, not including food props. For a future development I would create moving stages that work together with the three major scenery components (woods, field and street) and have them either going on and off the stage after each scene or have one side of the stage for the street, the other side for the field and the middle for the wood as the wood is where the major scenes happen.

I would also include more technology; for example, clip on microphones in case the audience can’t hear the actors, especially if the show was played in a bigger venue like the O2. Another technological piece I would add is more in the style of projections, where we would see the key events as they are being described on stage, like the Adam incident.

Possible Markets

I believe that the market we had for our production was the best out of all of the other markets, which was teens to adults. Venue wise could be bigger but not too big, for example the Marlowe. Another possible venue would be a venue experience, like the Hollywood Fable, Drowned Man experience, where you walk around the scenes, however money could be an issue with that setting as all of the props could be expensive.

Economic Viability

The ways the show could possibly get money is through advertisements in the local paper or advertising booklets. Posters and flyers could also be a factor or a little taster in the street in a in the round’ stage style. A trailer for the show could be a possibility too with some live action shots from the rehearsals, on stage and location.


Fulfilment of Objectives

In the rehearsals of the play we were set a rehearsal timetable to get everything ready for the show, which included learning the lines and tech/dress rehearsals. In our rehearsal time we only had a few weeks to think of different ideas for developing the scenes before it needed to be set in stone. I really liked the end scenes that were set in stone, the Phil and Lea scenes were good as the writer intended, the scene threes were the most powerful and the street scenes were equally as good and mysterious.

My development of Brian was to be as small as I can be in terms of communicating to the group and being to myself, but as the play goes on, I start to become crazy. At first I didn’t have much energy as I wasn’t bold and confident enough but as confidence grew I started being more active in Act Three, Scene Three.

However, line learning was possibly the biggest issue in the group as some people who only had small amounts at a time struggled to get the lines, even when we had to be ‘off the book’. This slowed our created scenes a little by going over the bits that were missing and restarting which in the past made some actors lose concentration.

Working Relationships

Seeing as this was our biggest project we had done so far, we had to work well with other actors to look after each other in case of the lines getting lost on the day of the performance, and staff to work with developing. In this project, in some cases we had to split into Act groups, which was hard for me when both groups did Scene Threes as I was in all of them. I found that we all worked together, even though there were a few fall outs with people, we held it together and the play came out great.

Time Management

In DNA rehearsals we had our own timetable on what we would do each week. We also had to meet deadlines on our lines and written work (blog/log). I personally met the deadline to being off the book as I got all of my lines memorised around half way of the schedule. Written work was the toughest for me as sometimes I didn’t know what to write as I had writers block or I couldn’t think of additions to make each post better to get a higher grade.

I would try to add more if I did the writing again and in detail and I would try to learn lines and be off the book as early as I can.


Production Value

The production value was very limited as everything in the play was already owned by the college or personal items. The projector we had suspended on the ceiling was the most expensive out of the props and costume. Our costume was very basic as this was our everyday wear which varies the cost. The boxes used were custom made by the art department which was made from wood and painted dark brown

The set looked naturalistic and so did the costume. I was not too sure about the projection but it worked well.

Performance Skills

After we went to the woods at the University of Kent, I believe our realism and naturalism was at the best of our abilities but with the naturalism and realism being there, our voices were possibly too quiet, which is hard to project seeing as this is a natural piece.


The characterisation of the characters was very clear as you could tell who was who when they walked on and off stage. People were confused about having two Phil’s and Leas but this was due to the actor numbers.

The staging in my opinion was quite small in terms of what was on stage as we only had boxes to play with. If we did this again we would need to think of staging each scene and adding more to each part to make the scenes stand out as where they are.

Finally the projections I thought were very effective apart from Phil eating which did not really work. We also had more film for the scene threes that had us acting but that would mean being in time which was tricky, so we ended up acting in front of woodland projections.


Overall I really enjoyed the whole production. We had some things go wrong at times, even on the night but the support was there and the whole experience as very enjoyable as it made us not only act but to think about the things that go into productions to make it.

This time we performed an exercises called Heroic Tension and Inner Motive Forces and we started our final practice weeks.

Inner Motive Forces has us in our own space, relaxed and then while our eyes were shut, we were given a scenario that explores the different responses in the play by getting the scenario to our head, chest and pelvis. Thinking about these can be uncomfortable if the scenario was serious like our one, which was that our friend was in a motor bike accident and you were in the hospital.

Heroic Tension assisted us in creating a multi dimensional character by thinking about our character traits, the dominate one and secondary.

As the play is getting closer, over the next few weeks we ran the whole play unscripted and given director feedback. Over these weeks all of our development actions had to be in place and learnt, for example, the use of props, thought tracking, line learning, stage entrances etc.

We also had peer feedback for a few weeks where the characters who weren’t in the scenes we chose to evaluate our vocal ability, physicality and other important factors.

In this exercise we experimented with entrances. In pairs we chose a situation and based an entrance around this theme. This teaches us how to live each moment by moment as our character by asking three questions;

What have I just done?
What am I doing at this moment in time?
What do I want?

This is so that we can bring our character on stage and be in the mind set of these questions as soon as we walk on.

DNA – Silent Étude (28/02/14)

Posted: April 3, 2014 in DNA

This week we developed a Silent Étude, which is communicating without words.

We did this by standing opposite each other in two lines, stood thinking about our character and how we would approach the character opposite, then we walked to each other and greeted.

I felt almost emotionally unstable as my character with this as I was greeting Phil, Lea and Adam, each character was different in my physicality. With Phil, it was very awkward, where I came to Phil with a scared emotional state, with Lea I was in a loving mood like Lea was my only friend out of the group, however I was in my Act 3 mood. With Adam, this was also awkward, I had no idea of how to act and react as I don’t know much about Adam from what I’m given in Acts 1 and 3.

To assist the Actioning The Text technique, we performed another called ‘Thought-Tracking’. Thought Tracking is reading in between the lines of each line in a scene. Each actor says their sub text before their line which makes the actor think about their delivery on the line.

This makes sure we put thought into each line rather than just saying the line in the text with no meaning to it

In this exercise we took Stanislavski’s technique of finding our characters super objective, this is the objective that the character wants throughout the play.

After this, in our groups we broke up our scene into units of action. This is where in each unit, our characters tactic to the objective changed, to illustrate this we needed to split each thought and objective into these sections. This is called ‘Actioning The Text’.

For example, my objective is to not go to the police station, so my tactic is to make the group feel sorry for me by rebelling and telling the story of why I won’t do it.

DNA – Update and Show Date

Posted: March 20, 2014 in DNA
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Hey everyone! This post is a bit different to my other ones, the other posts are for coursework and I’m very grateful that you read my coursework, can’t thank all of you enough.

This post is more of a laid back one as I tell you a few updates on DNA.

Firstly, we don’t have much time… Seriously, we don’t! I’m looking at the rehearsal schedule and as of today, we have two weeks tomorrow until the show, that is crazy! Tomorrow is film edits for projection and polishing the play. Then it’s just run-throughs and directors notes.

Our production is on the 4th of April and honestly, I can’t wait to do it. We’ve been working hard on getting everything ready, polishing the play and having it set in stone (although if I keep crying, my voice might go)

Anyways, I hope you’ve had a good March, I won’t do another update this month, possibly until the end of DNA for a end of project evaluation, until then it will be coursework posts. Once DNA is done, who knows what’s next.

See you soon!



05/02 – 07/02: This week we continued our play blocking by finishing off the big scenes and finally rehearsing in the theatre space on the Friday.

We also performed an exercise of ‘Making an Entrance’, this was where we got into pairs and acted out a 30 second scene as a character and making an entrance into the room using that character. This helps us get into character as we enter, so offstage, we get into our characters, then make sure we enter as our character and exits as our character. For example, when I am Brian, I cry at the beginning of most of my scenes, the exercise helped me be prepared for going onto the stage with the mindset.

In the blocking part of the rehearsal workshop, we were sorting where the actors stand, how they enter and exit etc.

As we are now into the final parts of the blocking, we have to work on our units of action, this is where we must think about how we complete our objectives and tactics as the scene plays out. In the play there are short units, so the tactic and goal is always changing. For example, I try to get out of going to the police station first by making the group feel sorry for me and then later, tries to confront Phil.

Finally I personally got to take part as understudy for Level 3 Dramas production of Success (Dress Rehearsal) and we got to see the final cut of Fugee.

12/02 – 14/02: We continued blocking the scenes.